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Colombia, due to its vocation and land suitable for agriculture, the great water supply and its marked culture with a rural tradition, becomes a favorable setting for the development of forestry projects, which have a suitable demand for local labor and generate medium and long term, important monetary and environmental rewards for society.

Reforestadora Cacerí S.A. is a company founded in 2000 committed to direct investment in the forestry sector. In its initial phase, the company established forest plantations with the Acacia mangium, with the precise technical rigor to supply the industrial wood market with quality. Today, in its phase of industrial expansion, it consolidates a modern sawing plant for cultivated wood, from where it markets the CACERÍ product portfolio for the furniture and construction industry.

Our business goal is to consolidate the CACERÍ brand as a forest management organization, in charge of creating and trading forest assets, adding value to the raw materials produced, and valuing the timber lands. All this under the criteria of social and environmental responsibility that strengthen the progress of Nation from the perspective of sustainable development.

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In Cacerí, each process is done
carefully to be able to offer you quality wood

Our Acacia wood

Also known as Australian teak, it is widely used in the world for the production of cellulose and derivatives, however, a decade ago it began to be sold as solid wood for the furniture and construction industry. It is now common to find exhibited in Europe and North America in stores of the renowned IKEA®, outdoor furniture and  flooring  Acacia wood

The structural and aesthetic quality of Acacia wood is comparable to that of species such as Teak and Oak, a situation that is not accidental, since it belongs to the botanical group of legumes, where tropical woods as fine as Sapán, Parasiempre are located and some Guayacanes.

At CACERÍ we are sure about our industrial purpose with the Acacia plantations and that is why we have implemented comprehensive forestry plans, which today allow us to have quality raw materials to offer our commercial portfolio of wood products.

We are CACERÍ and we want to be your partner in all your construction and furniture projects. Prefer us! We are solid, dried and legal wood.

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Our commitments

Committed to the production of reforested wood under world quality standards, always guaranteeing the principles of sustainable forest management. CACERÍ supports the intersectoral pact for legal timber in Colombia.

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