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Shun Cutting Board

Made with 100% guaranteed wood

¡Enjoy cooking your favorite foods with our cutting board!
Our Cutting Board is an excellent option to be used in your home, kitchens and restaurants. Made with fine, cultivated and environmentally friendly wood, it is finished with food grade oil on both sides, which makes it resistant to moisture, does not transfer odors or flavors to the food that is prepared on it.

Product Details

  • Size: 40 cm length x 30 cm width
  • Thickness: 2,5 cm
  • Board made with natura Cacerí EGP
  • Treated with approved food grade beeswax
  • Guaranteed legal lumber
  • Weight 1,9 kg
  • 3O days warranty covers material defects


  • Available only for delivery in Colombia

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Our commitments

Committed to the production of reforested wood under world quality standards, always guaranteeing the principles of sustainable forest management. CACERÍ supports the intersectoral pact for legal timber in Colombia.

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